Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another illegal alien story was told to me today by a tax preparer. It is a pisser how our government allows such things while the rest of us have to play by different rule.

She told me that she does taxes for more and more illegals now than before. Did you know that if an illegal is working here, they can claim anyone in their family as a dependent? Yep. Even if the said relatives are living in Mexico. She was a bit angry about them claiming all of these so called dependents if they file tax here. One person got back over six thousand bucks from us when they filed and they hadn't pain in nearly that in taxes. They can file here if they have a INS or something like that.
Another fellow came in last year wanting to see about getting his taxes done but he didn't use a bunch of dependents. He was single and didn't know the game. When she did up his taxes for him, lo and behold he would have to pay in. He told her to forget it and walked out.

Nothing you can do about it she said. It's all legal by our government.
I'm sick of getting the shaft. How about you????

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