Sunday, August 14, 2005

To Many commercials on the television these days. If you are like me, money is tight and the television is the only entertainment you can afford most often. I can remember the day when you could sit down to watch a show without a commercial break every three minutes. I mean, they can drag a movie out for ever.

It started to get worse in the eighties and I would do like that tootsie pop commercial of the seventies. You remember the one with the owl and the kid asking "How many licks does it take to get to the center?"
I got where I would count commercials inbetween the show which was usually four or so. Now there are more like ten or more. After each one is done and moves to the next, heck I don't even remember any of them. You get so bombarded with so many at a time.
Once was a time when the family could sit down to watch a television show or movie at home while you ate dinner. Now, you can sit down and be finished with the whole meal without even seeing the show because the commercials take up so much time. These stupid things just kill the mood of the movie.
But oh, in the old days if you needed a bathroom break or some fresh drink, you had to rush or miss part othe show. Today you can run to the store and buy the groceries, come home and cook it, eat it, then go sit in the bathroom for forty five minutes, walk the dog, wash the car and still catch the show. After all the shows are only around ten minutes long now if you time them. The rest is commercials.

How many of us even go out to buy what is in these over priced and vast amount of commercials thrown at us?

And lets not forget the maybe one or two visits to the theatre a year. The price of getting in and buying some snacks is sky high. That's because they have to cover the cost of the very large mega plex that makes the whole thing less fun. But then you sit down and wait for the show to start and again, you find that you have to sit through twenty minutes of commercials. Not snack bar commercials like days of old but many of the same ones that you see on the television at home. I'm paying to see the movie and yet I'm paying to see commercials that I could give a rats ass about. What ever happened to the great cartoons that were shown at the theatre while waiting for the movie to start? I came to be entertained not turned into a commercial zombie.

Don't forget the annoying little pop up commercials that come on the television now during the movie and sitcom shows. They cover up part of what you are trying to get into and it ruins the whole show. Flashing up here then bouncing over there.

The same goes for the radio. Play two short songs then you have ten minutes of commercials, then a song and another ten minutes of commercials. I have found myself just reaching and turning off the radio when a commercial comes on. I don't want to hear them.

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