Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom. You were their for me when I needed it most. Even though you did not know it then, I was so grateful that you came into my life. The task of bringing a dis-functional group of rag tag boys hell bent on causing trouble together to make a family whole again was a job to big for anyone to handle. You did it with grace and style and lot's of love.
You brought me back from the darkness of hell and my unwillingness to go on. Your kind and gentle nature and your ability to love without expecting any in return and your enduring patience kept me from going over the edge in my teen years. If not for you, I wouldn't be here today.
You saved me from myself and most of all, you saved my life. I would have missed everything had it not been for you.

I love you so much Mom. Thanks.

Your son,

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