Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I don't blame Bush or Fema, nor the local New Orleans Mayor for the storm. You can not blame a person for such an act of Mother nature. However, the ones in charge can be, and are to blame, for a total lack of a quick response to such a disaster its a disgrace.
Mike Reagan, Ronald Reagans eldest son, seems to think that for some reason our president should be held blameless . He also thinks that Bush and his actions have not a thing to do with our state of the economy. The war is not the cause of our troubles and Bush should not be held accountable.

Well, just who is then? Who had the warning signs and did nothing about 9/11? Who decided that we should take over a country for one reason and then switch back and forth as to why we are there ? Who has total access to satellites and was given information in advance about the strength of hurricane Katrina far enough in advance to act? And who is being paid to be in the know of his countries best interest ? Who thinks he knows better than other countries as to what is a good enough reason to attack a country on mis-information? Who has repeatedly turned away sound advice and offers of help because only their way is supposedly the right way?? Who is it that is in the job of protecting our homeland more than any other individual in America? If clearer thinking and actions had been acted upon, then who would be getting all the praise at how good a President that they were while in office?
Just who is our Commander and Chief here Mike. Who??

If your in the position to lead, then you need to bone up and do the job with sound thinking. Not personal thinking. And with all the technology available to just one man that everyone is supposed to answer to, why all the disaster FEMA. Even after , we the people, paying out our hard earned cash to the figure head to make us safer. I guess we just might as well have been throwing all that wasted money in the fire. All the good it did to make us more prepared against attacks from enemies and being prepared for natural disasters.

I wonder how good ole Mike would feel if he had made a call about knowledgeable impending doom and was told he'd have to wait three or four days before he could get help.
Did Bush throw out the RED PHONE ? It must have been replaced with a Yellow one.

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