Saturday, October 08, 2005

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Black Gold and Tales

Black gold or Texas tea or what ever you wish to call it. The fact is that we are addicted to it all across the world. This liquid that we pull from the ground has us all so dependant on it like a bad drug habit we can’t kick. Think of it in the terms of the shape we know of as round. Without the shape we would still be in the dark caveman ages for sure.

Everything that we have, eat drive, and do revolves around the shape "round" or circle. Nothing would be, without the circular shape if you sit and think about it. Much is the same with oil in our world today. With out it we would starve, freeze to death, not be able to fly or ride a train or pretty much anything else you could think up.

The government knows this all to well don’t you think. As long as they control its source and all that is associated with it, their going to continue to control this country. Whom ever can control the oil industry can hold its people hostage. Hell, they can control the whole world by killing its economy in nations that don’t go along if need be. It all already happens as you know. So what is all this bull about shortages around here. I don’t believe a word about it rather it is something to keep us all in check.

Our illustrious Leader went to Canada to try and smooth things over according to the press awhile back. Remember? I think that the real thinking behind the whole ordeal was more about oil then mending fences and gaining friendship to help with other issues.

Surprised? You’re not alone as all this attention has been focused for oh so long on the lake sized abundance of reserves of the Middle East.
Do you realize how it has obscured the fact that the top crude oil suppliers for the U.S. are right here in North America. Let me spell it out to you about what a farce this whole thing really and truly is.
Canada now ranks second, in a little known fact, only to Saudi Arabia in oil reserves. That’s right, that’s what I said, second to Saudi Arabia in oil reserves. That’s due to the most part to the discovery of about 1.6 trillion barrels of crude in the providence of Alberta.
Bet you didn’t know that did you ?

So this was good news for American consumers since it provides accomplishable alternatives to the unstable sources of oil in the Middle East and South America. Can we say a little butt kissing was in order from our leaders to Canada’s leaders to be on good terms. Looks to me as if Canada has the power to be calling the shots here.

Which countries are the top three suppliers of crude oil for the U.S. ? The U.S. itself 37% along with Canada 10% and Mexico with 8% while Saudi Arabia has a 7.5% share in the oil suppliers group. Iraq is listed as 3% towards the bottom of this group. Notice I said suppliers here and not producers. We only get 3% from Iraq, people, 3 frickin %.

Meanwhile back at the bat cave, global demand is on the increase. China, the worlds most populated country, has had a 70% increase in the last two years of automobile sales. This is an indicator of growing demand there. Here is another hoot from some un-named analysts in, despite rising world demand. From a note from the North Carolina petroleum marketers association these analysts had said the think the expansion of Canadian reserves would outweigh higher demand as they predicted lower oil prices in 2005. Hmmmmm, all I keep reading and hearing about is how the prices are going upward steadily. Read the first four letters in analyst and that is what I think of their opinions. If all the info above is true, then what are the oil companies trying to pull over our heads this time around?

Ok, try this one on for size. Here’s another surprising fact to ponder. In 2003, Russia surpassed Saudi Arabia as the worlds largest oil producer, according to National Geographic magazine. But, when Russia’s biggest producer, Yukos, was having serious production troubles in 2004, it was a major factor in pushing world crude through the roof. This whole mess sounds like to me the farmer with two thousand acres of rich fertile land to grow crops on, but the powers to be step in and tell him that his share of crops can only be to plant one hundred acres. The Government controls him much like the Opec nations control the oil.

From the U.S. Energy Dept data source on 11/04 is the list of U.S. crude oil suppliers and the percentages listed below.

U.S. at 37%

Canada at 10%

Mexico at 8%

Saudi Arabia at 7.5%

Venezuela at 7.5%

Nigeria at 6%

Iraq at 3%

Algeria at 2%

And others at 19%

So what are the justifications for all this business of the oil shell game that keeps being thrown at us?
It all a bunch of political board game antics to line already bulging pockets. Ever notice how when the travel and vacation season is upon us that gas prices always seem to rise with some bogus claim that we are beaten in to submission to believe is true. We are paying for someone’s personal vendetta or agenda again I suspect.

All this economy downward spiral over 3 fucking % share of Iraq camel worshiping towel headed oil is beyond me. I say screw them and their stupid ass country. No more aid of any kind to them. Let them have their precious oil cause if they can’t sell it they can’t buy ammo or food. We can kill their economy too you know.
It’d be like me trying to keep the county in my control by sitting on my warehouse full of bottled water. I divvy out a few bottles then claim some story as to why I need to charge you more. You get tired of my crap and go to the guy down the block cause I’m not the only game in town. Or dig your own well ..............

That’s my bitch and moan for this month.


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