Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sell the Caboose?

The City of Burlington has two wonderful old caboose's in the town. They claim that they would be to expensive to restore and thusly, should sell them. It is also said that they are a liability and someone could get hurt on them and sue the city. Well, people could get hurt riding the carousel in the park or fall off a swing set, even trip over a curb and sue the city. So, I think the liability issue is a lame duck excuse to rid the City of such a rare couple of items that stand for the Cities beginnings.

Burlington was called company shops. This is where trains were brought to be repaired and the City sprung up around this railroad facility. One of the original buildings that was used for repair has stood the time of being used for several things. It weathered great storms and neglect for years and years. Now the railroad has come and put a lot of effort and money into it. It has been restored and put to use as a working train station with memorabilia about the railroading history of the City inside. There are also businesses that operate in its offices that makes it one of the crown jewels of the City.

The Depot has also been saved and is across the road being used, for one thing, as the office of the director of the Paramount theatre.
I have no idea why they don't move these caboose's over to the rail station to bring the history together. Where else could a child or a child at heart be able to look at the memorabilia and then walk outside and actually touch a caboose from an era gone by.

This whole idea of selling these great treasures off was not even discussed with the people of this City. Now the City is stepping back because of much of the backlash from this terrible idea under the guise of cost and liability.

Seeing one of these Caboose's is the highlight of my morning drive to work each day. It's like an old friend bidding me a good day when I drive past to work and a glad your home on my way back.
There is a lady artist in town who has stepped up to restore one with help from volunteers, and she hopes that someone else will step up to take on the task of restoring the other.

I'd like to help her out and think I might give her a call to see what I can do to help.
Of course, I'm tight on money so I'd have to offer sweat labor which is going to be needed.
Maybe perhaps, I could have some musicians step up for a 'Save the Caboose's music fest and help rescue both of them.

Anyone want to jump aboard???


Bill said...

Man, I read that article in the paper the other day and thought about the same thing... I've rebuilt just about everything 'but' a railcar.

Like you I don't have a lot of extra cash, but, I'm in!! Sweat labor, trying to raise some $$, or shake down Lowes for some freebies etc...

Let's do this, those two old cars are one of the first things I noticed when I moved here.. it'd be a shame to see them go.

WooleyBugger said...

That's great Bill. Now all we have to do is step up like Ann Hobgood did the other day at the city council.

Now all we need is a plan.

Billy Jones said...

Dude, I'm in for a few bucks. Get me the names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail of the Mayor and City Council members and I'll show you a plan!

Let 'em see what it's like to answer 60-70 thousand e-mails and a few hundred phone calls and letters.

WooleyBugger said...

On there way to you bloggingpoet