Thursday, February 09, 2006

Our Military Did WHAT!

How appalling. Have you heard this? A former soldier, First Lt. William Redbrook, 25, had to leave the Army with a shrapnel injury to his arm after being wounded in Iraq. But before they would give him a discharge last week the Army told him he had to pay for the body armor vest he was wearing when injured. He had to get money from his friends to pay $632 for the body armor and other gear left behind by the medics. The supply officer had failed to document that the blood soaked items were a biohazard and had to be destroyed.
The Military has now decided to give him a refund of the money he had to pay. Thing is though to me that these men and women are over there fighting and putting their lives on the line twenty four seven. It is appalling that the Military would even try to make these wounded soldiers pay for gear that is lost like that in a battle zone. What's next? Make them pay for ammo used too and charge them for meals and transportation.

The last thing a wounded soldier should have to worry about is how to pay for lost or damaged gear before he/she can be allowed to go home. Is that the way we thank our men and women of the armed forces? What was the young female soldiers name who was captured and had a movie made about her? She was found in an enemy hospital dressed in hospital clothes when rescued. I wonder...... Did the military charge her for all of her lost gear and being out of uniform before letting her go home?? Maybe they took it out of her earnings from the Movie...Probably with interest tacked on.


KT Did said...

That REALLY pisses me off...We have a volunteer army at this point...and they are paying for their own protection!?? That's insane.....The media needs to get on this MORE so our Government can be embarrased into shame!

WooleyBugger said...

I agree in a loud way.