Tuesday, March 07, 2006

O.C.C INDIAN Motorcycle Lives.

I just had to tune in again to see the Indian Motorcycle on OCC last night. It was fantastic to see that old bike come out of the trailer and once again be kicked to life. That was just to damned cool.

I think I see a spinoff show devoted to rebuilding and restoring vintage motorcycles. But without all the theatrics this time PLEASE. We could actually learn something from that vintage bike rebuilding GURU.


KT Did said...

He was great...I had to see it too. There just wasn't enough of him. The handlebars were completely rounded...I liked that. Funny think is, I do like watching that show just because of the theatrics...reminds me of home for some crazy reason with all my brothers yelling and pushing each other around and my dad having to come in to break it all up....funny.

Gymi said...

I'm right there with ya, it would be nice to see a bike show that was not aimed at people with five second attention spans. Where it was a start to finish thing without a group of jackasses runnin' the show.