Sunday, November 19, 2006

Magazine Page Layout

More boring thoughts from me. I keep searching for info on the web about putting together a magazine.
It seems to be a dead end when trying to find out how to do page layout the old fashioned way. Everything assumes that you want to do it on the computer and all searches turn up loads of stuff for this. But just trying to find out how to do it like days of old is nowhere to be found. I can't even find a thing that shows anything close.
Even graphic design sites all assume you are wanting to do it on computer and it makes me want to pull my hair out. On the computer you can't put the pages on a table to see if you like what you have. Rearranging pictures and wording to fit on a table is easier because you can look at what the finished product will look like. The computer makes it so you can't compare one look with the other side by side. You have to keep pulling one page up and then the other. I want to do it the way Hugh Hefner and EasyRiders did it in the beginning because everything can be spread out on the floor or table then rearrange to try a different look.

The whole process when I did up my concert posters was more enjoyable doing them the old fashioned way. It was fun to mix and match and move things around on an actual poster board to see what it would look like. Making it fit and then being able to stand back to take a look. Then come back later while walking through to see it again. Maybe make a change , maybe not. The whole process was a lot of fun for me and the computer can not be manipulated in the same manner as doing it the old way. You are limited to what a certain program is designed to do.

Another matter is trying to find a printer who will accept a design for print the old way. They all want everything done on Quark or another system and submitted to them via computer. This way they can just load it up and run it and you have to HOPE it comes out how you want. If you screwed up the look or page layout and bleed you'll not know until the printing is already done.

The minute pieces of information I've found on printing the old way is very little and does not show or tell you all that much. Perhaps I should get a scanner and do up my pages into the computer that way. I could still do the layout the old way with the pages numbered and then scan into my computer. Maybe that would work because I can't see going out and buying Quark or something only to be limited as to how I want things to look. Besides, those programs cost a pretty penny and I'm a cheap ass sort of bloke.

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KT Did said...

You know we are old when we want nothing but the "old" back into our lives! Simplicity... whatever happened to that!?
There is a software product called the Print Shop. Its easy, fairly cheap...$30.00 or so. It has layouts for newsletters, posters,editing photos, etc. I use it for the website a lot. Check it out. You might have to break down and go to your nearest computer software store. Wish it was different... I remember typing on a manual typewriter... ugghghghgh... we are old!