Saturday, December 30, 2006

Brand New Sporty Engines

S&S® Engines For Sportster® & Buell®I don't know about any of you, but in the past, I've searched all over to find a new Sportster engine. Looking high and low at many a site to no avail; even checked out the HD pages for one. Nothing.
Finally I have found not one but four engines that you can purchase from one after market engine manufacturer. Who am I talking about? S&S Engines is who I'm talking about. They have replacement engines for the Sportster and the Buell motorcycles and of course you can build your own motorcycle using one to.
They offer a 100" Sportster Engine PN#MCA-SS319891 for $8594.95
91" Sportster Engine PN#MCA-SS319890 for $8594.95

Then there are the 100"Buell Engine PN#MCA-SS319893 for $8794.95
91" Buell Engine PN#MCA-SS319892 for $8794.95

Don't know why the prices are the same on each for either the 100" and the 91" but there must be a reason. It's also a wonderment as to why HD does not have an Engine rebuild or replacement service for the Sportster croud like they have for the big twins. Anyway, there are the engines and prices although a tad pricey; at least you know its a quality made engine being that it's an S&S product.


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