Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rebuilding My PanHead

Rebuilding my Panhead Engine won't take much more than rebuilding a Knucklehead. Thing is though that with all I need to rebuild it will cost a bit more than six thousand dollars. My internals are toast because the oil pump locked up on it and you know what that does? Things seize while others try to keep moving before destruction gets the better of them to. Well. I've had this thing for to long now and I know I'll not get it together anytime soon. Besides I've been looking around and found a complete fifty one Pan I can get for not much more than the cost of rebuilding this one. I've also found a Shovel for around the same cost that looks mighty sweet.

Now I've checked out a few Sportys but doggone the owners want way to much for them 'round these parts. A Sporty is just to small for me anymore unless I altered the frame for a more comfortable ride. People are asking as much for a Sporty as a big bike and I just don't see it wallet wise. My trip to the local Davis H-D left me with that old FTF feeling. Don't they realize that my money is just as green as that dude in the Beamer? I'm fighting off the urge to visit the Yamaha dealer next door to them. Not that there is anything wrong with a Yamaha but you know, if I gotta explain you wouldn't understand.


Biker Betty said...

I do totally understand about the love for HD's. But don't fight the urge... Couldn't resist that. I love my Yamaha V-Star and now they have come out with a 1300. Not that I'm looking at that. If I ever went up, it'd probably be an 1100. But my 650 is serving me nicely.

WooleyBugger said...

Yamaha makes a good machine and that's no contest. The resale will not keep up with an H-D but that's not the reason, for me at least, to choose a bike. Another good thing about a Yammy is the abuse it will take even if you don't do regular oil changes and such. A nice used one, very nice, can be had for a fair price too. Harleys biggest problem with the iron heads for years was with engine cooling but that was addressed when they introduced the Evolution. Not that the Evo solved it all together but reliability and longevity came up a fair notch.

And now you ask "he still wants Harley?"