Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spamming Spammers ( not for the ladies or kiddies Eyes)

First of all, like a lot of you, I keep getting my email box full of spam messages for all kinds of garbage. The most persistent one though is for Penis enlargement. Why do I keep getting these stupid things? Who Knows.
My system though will tell me what their real email addresses are and if I had the time and space I'd list every single one and...Overload their systems with garbage.

(free Tip for spammers) There is only one sure fire way to make your penis bigger and thicker. Whoop it out and slam it with a five pound sledge hammer. One good swing should do it.


KT Did said...

That sounds like it hurts! Hope all is well Wooley. I hope you can get in to blog again at my blog. I miss you!! In any case, I will be looking into yours and maybe just by e-mail we can communicate.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Chuck said...

Holy crap dude! That doesn't sound very enjoyable. But to each his own, J/K. My parents also get a lot of these types of e-mails and I do as well sometimes. Oh, how was the Christmas "party"? A dive probably right? Well anyways I hope you have a very merry Christmas and will see you January second.


WooleyBugger said...

Hey Chuck,

Man, the party was pretty good and there were around seventy of us. The rain was pounding the whole time. I pulled a dumb ass move that I have not done since I was in my teens. On the way home in the pouring rain on the interstate I ran out of gas in the fast lane but got it on the right shoulder at a rest stop. I had so much on my mind that I forgot to fill up the night before. There I was sitting in a down pour waiting for the gas can to arrive. A trooper stopped to see if I was alright then went on his way.
Oh well. It gave me some time to reflect on things.