Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Doors Re-discovered.

I was sitting here trying to work on one of my stories (Bad case of writers block) and decided to send an email to Susan Hinton for some pointers on getting over this block. While I'm working on the email wording, my son comes in and to ask about a tape he found.

Okay, your wondering what's up and what sort of tape. Well, it's not a skin flick tape but a clear cassette tape with no marking on it at all. My son found it it his mom's work shop and she didn't know what it was either. They listened to the beginning, which sounds a bit freakie, with some guy versing a poem.
I wasn't in there and can only guess the confusion on their faces. My son brings it to me to ask me if I've ever seen this tape before. To my recollection I don't ever remember ever having a tape such as this one. Where did it come from? Who's might it be?

My son pops it in the stereo and tells me to have a listen. He has this sort of twisted look on his face as the weird sounds begin to flow out. I stop writing and turn towards the stereo as if I might be able to see something. THEN I hear the voice talking almost in monotone and low. The more of the poem I hear the more the voice sounds familiar. I'm still not sure who it is but it sure does sound familiar.
A song begins at the end of the poem and at the first few notes I know who it is with out a doubt. It's the Doors and Jim Morrison for gods sake. A friend made this tape for me so many years ago and it seems he recorded it over a conversation which has the end of the conversation talking about a Jim who is in jail.

What is this? You got me.

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