Saturday, January 20, 2007

Okay! So I went to the Yamaha Dealership Today.

Yes I know I'm partial to the Harley Davidson motorcycle but what do you do when the new Yamaha dealership is only two doors over, not to forget the friendly staff, and, well, some great looking machines actually. Unlike that other dealership, I was barely in the door to have a look when a sales person came over to talk with me. She was very informative and patient with my questions, plus if she didn't know the answer to mechanical questions, went back in the shop and had someone come out to address them. There weren't many questions that she did not know the answer to and I was impressed both by the enthusiasm and unhurried way she told me about each model.
Also unlike the other dealership, here when I kept looking at the Candy Red Road Star model she invited me to sit on it and take it off the stand to get a feel. For a 679lb motorcycle it felt pretty light and balanced. The huge 5.3 gallon tank and the large seat gives a clue to an easy long cruising down a winding mountain road.
2006 Yamaha Road Star
The dual disk up front, belt drive and hidden rear shock along with the seat height of 27.9" gives you the idea of a very rider friendly and controllable machine. For me the headlight could be a little less bulky looking and some wire spoked wheels would be a nice addition as well. But, that's what the accessory catalog is for; custom make the bike that you want. As for having a canvas to work with, this is a very nice starting point.
2006 Yamaha Road Star
The bike does have an excitement level it throws off as it sits there begging to be taken out for a ride. One thing I didn't ask about was the dependability of the engine. Why? Because unlike some machines, I didn't fell it was necessary. The sales person was going to let me hear the same model bike but with the optional pipes on it. Just seems that the employee who had it can't sit still long enough with finding reasons to run errands.

Am I being a turn coat here by going over to the Yamaha dealership. I don't think so especially when the way your treated even when you drive up in an old Pickup feels good. That my friend is something the Motor Factory seems to have forgotten. My dollar is just as green as that man in the Mercedes and last time I checked; spent just as well at one place as another. I still love a Harley but it doesn't hurt to look around at other well made affordable machines does it?


Anonymous said...

Hey Wooley...I like the HD as much as the next guy but settled on a Kawasaki Nomad 1600. What a bike! I haven't regretted my decision one bit since making the purchase last March.

Come on over here to the dark side. These rice burners are a lot of bang for the buck!

WooleyBugger said...

Hi sarch,

I was thinking about checking out the Kawasaki's and Suzuki's too. I believe that the model you have is the same one my brother out in Seattle has. He digs his bike but I have not seen it myself. That's a far piece for me to go. Plus he isn't all that up on answering his emails what with a new lady and all.