Sunday, January 07, 2007

Talk About a Stroke. I damn near had one When I saw this Picture.

I had ventured over to to read about the Diesel powered motorcycle available to the public when I saw this article about the last fire breathing two stroke roadster.

"It's the closest thing you'll find to a genuine Grand Prix racing machine on the road, be it two wheels or four. Its 250cc two-stroke motor produces in excess of 60 brake horses, giving it a specific output of 240 bhp per litre - more than the fastest MotoGP bikes and on a par with competitive Formula One engines. And it's the last one - the fire-breathing two-stroke racer-roadster is about to become extinct. The next batch of Aprilia RS250 road bikes will be the last - as the last bike of its type, it's the last chance to own one new. Ever!!!!"

It was accompanied by this picture (click to view if you dare)

Then read the article. It's good too.

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