Friday, February 23, 2007

Liberty Media, Fonda and me.

Well, today is my Birthday and I'm still waiting for my card from John Malone of Liberty Media. I felt sure that I would have received it by now.

Actually, Mr. Malone is a friend of sorts of my parents and is the brother of my parents friends wife, Judy. Confusing isn't it. My father was wishing me birthday wishes tonight and informed me that John Malone is also a Pisces as am I. So, my father asked why haven't I made my first Billion yet. I'm still wondering about that too.
We talked for well over an hour and he, my father, was telling me what a down to earth person Mr. Malone truly is as is his wife and family. Me I've never met the man myself but my parents like him so he can't be the Darth Vader he's made out to be in the business world.

Someone else famous and well off shares my Pisces and same birthday as myself. That would be Peter Fonda.

Why is all this related? Well, Mr Malone owns part of Prime Media. Mr Fonda starred in my favorite Motorcycle Movie. You know the one... Easy Rider. Not to forget we are all Pisces. We are all famous in our own circles except my circle is much smaller. Never the less, I do still have some fans who still remember me from my motorcycle media days and every now and again I still get an email about it. Lastly, none of us put on airs about how much money we have but in my case...I don't have much to brag about anyway.

So I'll just sit here and keep waiting for Fonda to deliver my new Harley that Mr. Malone is sending for my birthday present. I could be in for a long wait. A very long wait.

Although, I did get some very nice presents from my wife and son. I feel like a Billionaire tonight. Look out Max Payne cause here I come.

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Biker Betty said...

Hi Wooley,

Happy Belated Birthday. Best wishes in the year ahead.

Betty :)