Tuesday, April 24, 2007

GM vs Toyota.

This isn't motorcycle related about Toyota passing GM by with more sales. I can just see the GM people now standing there with their mouths open and wondering " What happened here?"

Let's see, hm, Gm keeps making these huge gas guzzlers, the quality of vehicle design and reliability has gone in the dumpster, they make inferior products and won't issue recalls to fix known defects. One man bought a Chevy S-10, a few years ago, only to have interior parts falling off and other part breaking. The seat adjuster handle and window cranks broke off several times and he found this was not an uncommon problem. His older S-10 had given him two-hundred-thousand miles of great service, and, was still running strong when he traded it in. Another couple bought a 1998 Lumina only to have the intake gasket go south on the 3.0 engine just before the warranty ran out. It has gone bust twice more but the dealership would not fix it without a six-hundred-dollar repair bill. All service work had been done on the vehicle at a GM dealership until the couple kept getting home only to find that they had been billed for work never performed even after three return trips to get it done. On top of that, they wanted a huge price just to replace a bad battery. Even Auto Zone, with their claims of free battery replacement after the sale, wouldn't do it. They won't replace the battery in the same style Monte-Carlos either despite what their ads and signs say. False and mis-leading advertising maybe? (The Luminas and Monte-Carlos are built on the same format) The battery placement on these cars is in such an idiotic place that all sorts of car parts have to be taken off just to un-cover the battery. Who was the engineer that got big bucks for that design flaw? My eight year old son, at that time, could have thought that out better. GM Service after the sale, what a joke that is.

No wonder you see so many 3.0 powered GM's sitting in yards for sale cheap. Yep! Chevy like a rock . . . like a rock in your yard because it's broke.

Another man bought a new Toyota and found the tires kept wearing out quickly. He bought a set of tires, not knowing what was happening, at a tire store. When he took it back into Toyota for regular service work he was informed that during manufacturing or shipping that several of these cars had bent frame work which was causing the tire wear. Being that as it was, a four wheel alignment would never fix the problem. Did they tell him it was to bad for him? Nope. Did they tell him it was his fault in some way or try to cover their tracks? Nope. Did they tell him it's your car now and we have to charge you for the repair even though we screwed up and used bad parts? Nope. They apologized for the inconvenience, told him there was a recall for it, kept the car and ordered new parts and replaced them. They called and told him his car was ready after it was repaired around a week later. But, when he got to the dealership they told him he could not have the car back yet. Why? Because during inspection of the repair work they discovered that the new parts were damaged as well and would not let him have the car until they made it right.
Toyota stands behind their product and wants you to be happy with your vehicle. That other company could care less after the sale . . . sucker.

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Chuck said...

All good points there Wooley. It just burns me up that our American automobiles are such crap. We should take better pride in our products than that. I know that we do. When we make our aerospace parts we are diligent and committed to ensuring they are made to the highest quality.
But what can you do? This country need to open their eyes and get on the ball.