Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Bored.

I'm bored and tired and want to get out and go somewhere . . . do something other than work. Perhaps it is because I see things going by so fast these days. A friend of mine, for many years, had a stroke and others in my family are getting up in age. Another friend died earlier this year.
Its just a fact of getting older and looking back at what you have done and worse, things you have not. My Pop just had a big scare and have to have surgery. Had he not gone to the emergency room when he did he probably would not be here this week.
All of these things have made me realise how mortal we all are; how time waits for no one and time gets less patient as we get older.

One thing that my brothers, all four of them, and I have always wanted to do was get together and take a motorcycle trip together. Just seems that there was always one or two of us who had a bike while the others did not. We've talked about it recently as now two of the others have bikes and the other three of us don't have one, or in my case, a running complete one. Each one of us have our own personal responsibilities, family, wives, jobs, bills to pay, mortgages, the list goes on. What happened? Each of us has gotten into the daily grinds of life that we have forgotten to have some fun. As time goes on the chances for us to all ride together grows farther away. Our schedules conflict and the timing never comes together plus, three of us live in one state while the other two live in different states.
All of us have different goals and have different types of jobs along with different tastes in things, but the one thing we have all had all of our lives was the love of motorcycles that began at an early age. That's the one constant we all still share, that, and we are all still brothers.

Will we all ever get to ride together? I doubt it. Will Harley and the Discovery channel come knocking wanting us to get it together and help it happen? I doubt that too.
Will we all keep trying to get it together before its to late? I'm sure of it.


scaradofu said...

Hi Wooley! Is the Dream Ride still on?

WooleyBugger said...

The Dream Ride is on the back burner for the time being, but its still somethig I wish to persue. I need backing for it that I just don't have at the moment.

Chuck said...


I hate that you have to feel that way. You never know what may happen but I guess keeping that in the back of your mind will keep you going. Dreams can only die if you let them.
Also there is plenty of room for new dreams