Saturday, July 07, 2007

Who Killed Allison Krause?

( 'Whats the matter with peace? Flowers are better than bullets!') Allison Krause, May 4th 1970

There's something that I'd like for you to read today. I want you to think about the injustice and why nobody has been held accountable and brought to trial for such a senseless killing of not one, but four UN-armed people in the prime of their lives. A crime committed, and it was a crime, thirty seven years ago. I also want you to think about your freedom of speech and just how important it is for you to express this right that has been afforded to each of us by the blood of those who dared, and stood in the direct eye and line of fire of those who wish to extinguish that right.

The thought that a true cover up and sweeping under the rug of such a crime has been mostly forgotten is inexcusable.

Please read the following about the events and the lives of these young people so tragically taken and the perpetrators who have gone unpunished for to long.

I welcome your comments.,%202000/30th%20Commemoration%20Report/Speeches/BarryLevineForAllison.htm


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