Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogrolled and Trashed.

I was visiting some blogs that use to have a link back to mine and noticed I'm no longer there. I've been thrown into the blogroll trash bin it seems. Thing is, I read a lot of different blogs from time to time but time isn't what it use to be. So many good ones out there that I just could not keep up with them all the way I would have liked. Perhaps its because as the time went by I began to write about things other than motorcycles. When I was with "that other place" I had a pretty good following and it grew until it fizzled out like many things do. Actually when all of it came down and the motorcycle gig was up, I felt down about the whole thing. Writing was a vessel that gave me joy everyday. Whether I was doing research or an interview or what have you it was fun. Its still hard to let it go after all this time and I should just learn to put it behind me. Even when the pressure was on to produce an article by a deadline or a filler for someone who did not have their article ready, while hectic and some times panicked, it was a thrilling ride. At times I would have an article or two waiting in the wings for just such occasions. Getting writers block stinks and learning from experience you write up as much as you can while its flowing. Although some articles would never get published it was piece of mind knowing you had a fallback piece. Every writer needs a little fall back piece.One just never knows when the well might go dry.

So some have deleted me from their blog roll. So be it.

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Biker Betty said...

Hi Wooley,

Stopping by to say hi. You are still in my links. This year will find me not staying to the motorcycle topic always. There is more to like then just motorcycles (gasp !?!).

Take Care and Happy New Year,
Betty :)