Friday, March 21, 2008

Water Conservation...The new Scam?

Greensboro's Biggest Scam...The Randleman Dam.
(Sounds like a song)
Why would a city sell water quietly at a 47% discount to certain users and then at the same time tell residents that they are in danger of running out of water? Their solution, begin a huge effort to conserve water with a program that actually worked better than they anticipated causing a loss of revenue for the city. Problem: Wanting a new Dam built but with water conservation working to well won't be able to convince residents there is a need for a new lake. Solution: dump water by selling to certain areas at a huge reduction in price to scare residents into agreeing to the neeed for a new Lake by getting reservoir levels low; creating the illusion of dyer need. Reality: water conservation working so well that city receives several awards and a job well done to the city and it's city's Water conservation manager Mike Baron.
So with a water conservation program working so well that the city is saving literally millions of gallons of water; the city is being held up as an example to others; and showing how the efforts of it's citizens working together can get it done, why would you fire the Water conservation manager???
Find out more at could this same sort of thing be happening at a city near you?

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