Monday, August 18, 2008

Wooleys New Site

Just to let anyone who is interested know, I will be starting a new site which will be dealing with companies and what my experiences are with them. Things such as performance, how the customer is treated, how well their service is during and after the sale. Also what, if any, complaints are with the BBB. My first will most likely be about my new motorcycle battery buying experience.

Articles might be, at any given time, about motorcycle parts vender's, shops, restaurants, motels, gas stations, camp grounds etc. We won't be going in with hidden cameras or micro-phones...or...will we.

1 comment:

KT Did said...

Let's do an eyeglass cam!
How the heck are you anyway!! My security system has been overrided. I can't stand to worry about whether or not I am going to start after just getting gas!!
In any case...its good to hear from you. How's the magazine coming!?