Saturday, September 13, 2008


The movie, Silverado, was on AMC tonight. This is one of those westerns that begins with a bang and then just keeps moving along. Though I have seen it many times it's still one to watch when it's on. Another movie that I like is 'The Outlaw Jose Wales" but for some reason it just doesn't get much airplay. But back to Silverado, Kevin Costner at the very end says "We'll be back" as he and Scott Glenn ride away leaving the pretty ladies behind (which was a very gooberish thing to do, duh). Was there going to be a sequel to this movie that never happened? Or were they just leaving that open in case of possibility?

Here is the cool thing (and I'm sure many will now say "I already knew that") that I noticed in the movie tonight that I'd missed before : In the scene with the house on fire Bryan Denehey (sp) who plays sheriff Cobb walks over to Kevin Kline who plays Peyton as he is tying back on his gun. The camera films Denehey with the flaming house behind him to make him look evil or devil like. Moving along, right near the end when Cobb faces Peyton in the street for the final showdown they each tell each other good bye and Cobb draws but Peyton is faster and drills Cobb. When the camera moves away from it's closeup on Peyton, The Church is in view right behind him to mean of course ... the Good Guy. I thought that was a pretty cool little bit of movie trivia sort of thing.

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