Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ace Speedway Fall Shootout Event a BUST!

I had posted about this event coming up on November 29th, with gates opening at 12 noon; what a disappointment.
This was something that was being looked forward to going to for over two weeks. After driving to a nearby town to pick up one of my sons friends, we headed back to my home before heading to the track. We all sat down and had some turkey sandwiches then made sure everyone had something warm to wear. It would be colder out there in the sticks than here at the house. Packing up and heading to the track around eleven thirty there was a round of jokes, new, old and tired ones and we were getting pumped about the day.
When we arrived at the track just before twelve the gates were still closed up tight. Thinking that they would open shortly and that we were the first ones there we waited. Inside there could be seen a couple of vehicles. We waited but nobody came. Now I knew the date was right because I had checked it double and triple before we left for the event. Trying the numbers for the track got us nothing but answering machines. I was a tad pissed off by now but didn't want to show it to the kids. Deciding to give it some more time we went for a twenty minute ride thinking they were just running behind for whatever reason. But upon arrival back at the track the gates were still locked up tight. On the way to the track we had seen a few trucks loaded with motorcycles and atv's heading the other way and some at a country gas station.
So the day was a fricken bust and disappointment for myself and the kids. Not to mention the wasted gas and time. The ride out was fun but the ride back home was not so fun.
Now I think that I remember why we quit going to this track some six years ago.
Were the event cards I had printed up wrong and never pulled?
Back at home the event card was double checked again at home and yep, it said November the 29 th.

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