Friday, November 14, 2008

Does it All Really Matter?

In the course of less than one month, I've lost two family members. One of my uncles died of a massive heart attack friday at 5:30 pm. He and my aunt had been out with friends having a good time. After returning home my uncle got up to go to the restroom and when he got there he collapsed. Just like that and he's gone. He wasn't feeling ill or having any problems. Just gone.
In life, we all find things and situations that make us angry. Simple everyday stuff like a dirty dish left in another room, a car in front of you going five miles under the limit, the person in the grocery check out line who can't quit talking to the cashier. We let everyday little things drive us nuts and make us crazy and for what? Just think about some things that piss you off and ask yourself "Does it all really matter."
Give those nearest to you some time, a hug, a kind word, a phone call during the day just to say "hi.", maybe just enjoying being together doing nothing at all, or just a plain and simple pat on the back can say volumes. Sit back and let someone else do the talking while you just listen. Talk about good things instead of harping on all the bad shit. Try thinking about anothers good points instead of harping on the bad. "Can't see the forest because of the trees" kind of thing.
Does it all really matter in the overall. Sit and think to yourself about what's upsetting you because in the long run it's really nothing. Years from now are you going to remember it? Or, are you going to remember times spent with good friends and family?
When you get word another family member has passed on, what will you be thinking? The good times and conversations or the paper napkin they forgot to throw away? Me. I'm thinking about how they made me laugh and how enjoyable conversations were.

(and to the person who likes to make snide comments and point fingers when visiting my blog ... I've a good idea who you are but I try to overlook that in you).

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