Thursday, November 27, 2008

I can remember feeling just like this with my first motorcycle. Didn't have a manual to go by and just had to figuire it out as I went along. This was when I was fourteen and my first motorcycle was a Honda 1971 SL70 Ko, ruby red and free from a neighbor who'd out grown it and was in college. It did not run when it made it's way to my house but my brother, his friends and I got it to run and from there I was on my way. Being the type of kid I was, I tore the whole thing apart several times to the frame and reassembled it. I was fascinated by everything about it and wanted to see how it went togehter and worked. Funny, one time after doing the engine it wouldn't fire off. Anything else that I did to it worked the first time but for some reason this time it just wouldn't fire. I coasted down hil trying to jumpstart it , nothing. Checked the gas and the wire harness for anything left disconnected, nothing. It's been the better part of a day and she wouldn't run. Frustrated with it and at wits end one of my brothers came home and saw how angry I was getting. He pushed me up and down the road a couple of times and still nothing. He got to looking around and found the problem; in my haste, and not even noticing it, I'd never hooked up the spark plug cable. What a DUH Huh moment. He snapped on the wire, turned on the gas, gave the kicker one kick and she fired right up. Did I feel like a Moe? You bet I did.

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