Thursday, January 15, 2009

Way Of The Wind (Update) (2nd update) (3rd update)

(Looks like my first article for Alamance is a go. They now want to come out and get some pictures of me and the cycle this week. My son has a nice camera and was going to do the pictures but the weekend was a busy one for him so we never had the chance. Plus it was burrr outside. Once they decide, and/or, get enough feedback to do more articles then I'll get me own camera for road pictures.)

2nd (I have just been informed by Mitch Boehm - the editor of Motorcyclist Retro magazine that was put on hold for economic reasons - that he will be going private with the renamed magazine of the same concept. The site is under construction now plus issue one will be available in May. I'm excited can you tell.)

If anyone out there want's to know, my way of the wind column will be picked up for a trial by a local magazine called Alamance Magazine. The other magazine I was looking to get in with folded for the time being and another does not want to expand out this far for now. Economy woes and all.
So now I have a deadline for January 26th to get my article in, edited, approved and printed. Although I was going for a motorcycle specific media, this one will work out fine and give them something for the men folk. I have to keep it nice and clean because the goal is to attract younger readers as well as keep to being family friendly. This will be a test to see what the feed back generates for the magazine but I'm pretty pumped.

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