Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Motorcycle Destinations

Searching the net and guide books I come upon interesting travel places to see. I'm a bit nostalgic in some ways and seeing old buildings, vehicles, road signs is interesting to me. Sometimes you can't help but wonder, in the old things, what eyes have looked at the same thing. Who these people were and what were they like. My Pop use to have this knack for catching just a glimpse of an old car sitting in an over grown field or abandoned beside some ancient place and sometimes we'd stop and have a peek. When I'd sit in one of these old relics it was hard not to look at the original dash or through the windshield, and think that I was looking at and through the same thing that someone did years ago. Where had they traveled in this car? Was it a family car loaded with kids going to school, vacation, work, even what it was like for the original owner. Did he or she wash and wax this car with loving care and take good care of it? I bet they were proud of it at one time loving to show it around, being excited about it too. But now look at it. It's sitting all alone and forgotten with no more laughing inside or carrying Christmas presents home. No more running down the road going places and seeing things.
I think about this stuff with old buildings and such too. I wonder all about who was there long before me and what were they like.

That's why I search out information for interesting places and how I stumble upon places like or and to name a couple or three. If you click on this you see a glimpse of what I'm going on about. On this site you will find dead towns that I think would make some great motorcycle resort destination places had I only the money. I'd bet a couple of these whole little towns could be bought for next to nothing being they're abandoned anyway.
I wonder if squatters rights would still hold up? Hmmmm.

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KT Did said...

Yea... you have it there! those are some great sites and hope to ride Route 66 this year back from the Grand Canyon!
In the meantime, you are picked as one of 5 for a Fabulous Blogger Award that Joker started. Check the latest out on my blog.