Friday, April 17, 2009

Save The Presses -Think Hard About This (Newspaper men are 1% percenters)

Communist countries kept their people in check by limiting where, how and when important information went out. Killing off newspapers and radio broadcasts unless it was for their own propaganda purposes. The only information people received was what ever Government threw at them.
Now think about today's information and how communication gets around. Still thinking? I'll wait another minute.

Radio stations are being put under such heavy regulations that certain information is not allowed. Radio talk hosts are being shut out for comments they make that may cause people to think.
Newspapers are going under everyday because of the electronic system of communication like, the Internet. We can't afford to loose the print media especially right now at this point in time in our nations history. Sure, maybe the news is a day late but a day late is better than not at all. Ever heard of telegraph lines? Well, this system was all the rage but when one party did not want others to know what was going on in other parts they simply cut the lines. Communication was halted between the other towns on the line until a rider could get through with news that Jesse James and his gang had just robbed the bank.

Television mostly only gives one sentence headlines on big issues while devoting coverage to safe topics like fitness. But you do have CNN and the like ... for now. Just wait until the new digital television is in full swing. Television was once a free system to us and was available to anyone who could afford a TV set. Then cable came in commercial free and was the main reason people wanted it. Now, after years of being in business you not only pay for television but you are also paying for all those commercials we are all bombarded with. People who can't afford cable and rely on the analog free television will be left in the dark on whats going on. Are the poor being targeted here in the electronic communication age? There are still people that don't even have a phone of any sort. What of the ones who are retired and being on a tight budget can't afford cable for television, cell phones or even a computer. These people are left out of the loop. A print type media can be shared in that when your done with the paper it can be given of left for another to read. The print media requires no outlet of batteries to operate, it can be read anywhere at any time.

Telephones, all of you that think going to just a cell phone is a good idea, you've bought into a bad reason for communication.

If a total power grid failure happens then we will be without any communication what so ever no matter what forces caused it.

When Government has all of the media outlets covered and under either cable or airwaves like they are going to now we're going to be screwed. All it will take is the flick of a switch and bang, cell phone towers are dead, cable television is dead, computer cable systems are dead. Radio stations will be either shut down or taken over just like they did in Germany under Hitlers reign. Then just how are you going to get the information that you need for an informed decision on what is happening. All you will get is word of mouth speculation from those in your own towns. What information will you trust?

We can not afford to let Newspapers go down the tubes as history has been that the newspapers have kept the nation informed since the beginning. Newspaper men fought and died for the right to print and keep us informed as best they could in dark and awful times more than any other single media known by man. The small town Newspaper owner is truly a one percenter.

Now think on your own about all this big push for years to go to plastic money. If you have no cash and the banks are taken over where are you. All of this has happened in the past folks before. What good is plastic money when the system is gone? Here is a close example, Mr. Don puts his whole check in the bank every payday and his wife has direct deposit, when ever they need some cash they use the teller machine. But one day a great huge storm comes and there is no power to transfer his wife's pay funds into their account. Mr. Don has deposited his whole check but the teller machines don't work. There is no cash in the banking system because it is all on paper now in computers that no longer work. A total system failure has occurred and all the numbers have vanished into thin air and you have no proof you even payed your bills. How do you buy food now that the whole electronic system has collapsed? Can you make that house or rent payment now?It's all sort of like your 401K information now. We are told that the numbers shown on those statements don't really mean anything, it's only numbers on a piece of paper and not real dollars. They are not real dollars until you take it out.

Going total electronic with everything is a bad mistake folks, bad mistake. And just why is it the analog cell phones and television are being shut down? Who is buying up all the radio stations and putting a gag on the stations on just what and who says what and plays what? Who is Clear channel really?

If we allow this trend of electronic only media to continue we are going to be fed more mis- information and propaganda than you can imagine. We'll all be singing Led Zeppelins communication break down song and crying and voicing to, well, nobody because there will be no public communication unless we keep print media alive and well. The whole electronic newspaper situation can be compared to a car and a bicycle; with no gas to fill your cars gas tank you aren't going anywhere and with no more gas being made your screwed. With the bicycle, you may not get around as fast but you still get around.
Electronic media and communication = gasoline and the governments control of it: Bicycle = Print media and the constitutional right of freedom of the press.

Whats more green friendly anyway? Electronic home computers and laptops , cell phones and throw away batteries, or print media with soy inks which uses way less fossil fuels to run and it's base of pulp can be recycled and used again and again unlike fossil fuel to run electronic systems.

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