Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bodie Ca the Ghost Town

Just a short post about an historic preserved 1800's ghost town in California called Bodie. Being that I love old stuff this is a place that I would dearly love to visit sometime. This was once a booming huge mining town that after surviving two huge fires was abandoned with an astonishing 300 building still intact to this day. From what I have read and seen pictures of, a visit to this town is just like stepping way back in time. It is literally frozen in time. An actual time machine of real existing artifacts just yearning for my visit to explore the streets, history and life of days gone by. It would be just to cool if the Park service would at least restore one of the hotels for overnight stays. I may be mistaken but it seems like this town is a thirteen mile drive down a dirt road. The park service could have a parking area at the beginning of this road and have an old vintage bus take sight seeing overnight guest up to the motel. But I'm a dreamer like that.

Check it out for yourself and give me a comment.

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Lady Ridesalot said...

Very cool!

We used to take our vacations out west when I was growing up, and my uncle and his family live in Cody, WY. I loved playing around the "Old Western Town" they had as one of the historical tourist stops.

The nice thing about this was, my cousins house was within walking distance to the place so we went over there a lot and played like it was our backyard. For a little girl from Iowa... this was very cool!

Hope you get to Bodie or Body, one day. It would be a nice loooong ride, heh?