Saturday, June 20, 2009

Officer Decoy of the Highway

Some areas are worse than others but these days you need to be aware of Officer Decoy. What's that you say? Who, what!!

Officer decoy is an on duty traffic dummy. However, not all of these cars sitting at intersections and at the side of stretches of asphalt are manikins. There are also the ones who are on the road in plain clothes in some regular type of vehicle. They don't actually pull you over and give a traffic situation, nope, what their job is to do is after seeing you speeding or driving recklessly is radio one of the officers who is waiting up on an on ramp out of view. Officer decoy looks just like any body else who's just driving along minding their own. Or he may be pacing you until a unit can catch up to nab your butt. Then as the unit comes up officer decoy just slides out of the way and goes on his merry way. All while you and others have no suspicion at all.

Sneaky huh.

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