Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Motorcycle and Motorbike Design & Research

Confusing, time consuming, frustrating, long hours, thinking, planning, searching.
Sometimes, now, I wish I had the ability to pay someone for the extra help. All of the above and more takes loads of time finding patents, engines, frame builders and the list goes on and on. Good news is I am having fun with it although I have as yet to be able to locate any American made Engines. The list of contact grows then shrinks with every email or phone call that is made. Two engines have caught my attention however, one is not in production yet but is a working prototype (I keep after him for pushing forward) The other has not been back with me on civilian sales yet. Perhaps giving him until the holidays are over would be in the best of interest thus avoiding a hasty decision. I don't want to be pushy but then again it isn't getting me anywhere if I can't get the answers so I can proceed with more searching.

What comes first, the horse or the saddle? Why did I ask that, because the engine is needed to design the frame to but on the flip side, the frame can be altered to fit the engine. It brings me back around to when I did the concert promotion, the bands wanted to know the venue and dates before committing, but the venue wanted to know who the bands where and what dates. So if I leased out the venue for specific dates but it conflicted with the bands available slot I would be out some cash. Both sides want the other side to already be set in stone.

So it goes around to the Horse or the saddle. There must be an engine MFG out there in the USA somewhere.

It's all part of the fun though. I mean, if it were all that easy everyone would be doing it, right!
I have also been trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and have some T-shirts made up with the Bike company name to help with cash flow for this venture. Decisions decisions.

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mq01 said...

wow, you have your hands full. and it sounds scary but fun :) follow your gut wooley, it will steer you right.

happy thanksgiving to you and yours!! ride safe and enjoy my friend.