Monday, December 14, 2009

Colonel Jack C. Hays,

I've been reading again and thought this might be of interest to some of you Californians. If you live in Oakland it might be interesting reading of Colonel Jack Hays, Texas Ranger, who became Sheriff of San Francisco County. In the early 1850's President Franklin Pierce (No relation to Hawkeye Pierce) appointed Hays the surveyor general of California. He then laid out the city of Oakland and later he became one of the founders of the city of Oakland itself. Hays county in Texas is named in his honor.

I just thought some of you history seekers might want to check this out. I thought it was interesting that a fifteen year old kid from Little Cedar Kick Tennessee became a surveyor, then went on to be a Texas Ranger, Founding father of Oakland California, Delegate to the Democratic convention, rancher and real estate business man. That is only the tip of the iceberg of all he accomplished in 66 years. Had he been around later he would have been a gentleman biker perhaps like Malcolm Forbes.


mq01 said...

that is an incredible sounding life. great post. i was born and raised next door, in San Leandro. its a small world. :) i'll be checking this out. thanks wooley!!

KT Did said...

Wooly, you are not going to believe this, but I have a plethora of history from the S.F. area in my family on this. My GG Grandfather Chamberlain was a Judge in S.F. and Oakland at that time and new him. I have old docs and newspapers. Incredible. He also did surveying in Browns Valley in CA. My brother has the original survey docs on that too. Too make more of of my employers parachuted into No.CA to survey the mountains when he was a youngster. Funny how life's connections just keep on getting connected. I plan to go through most of the newspapers and donate them... if I can find the appropriate places. You are right, they all were pioneers and I am sure might have enjoyed the thrill of a V-Twin too :)