Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stolen Motorcycle

My friend and neighbor has a small motorcycle repair shop here in Burlington, on Friday some jackhole stole a dirt bike from in front of his shop. Not only do they make repairs and customising they also sell bikes on consignment for people. This bike, a Honda CR80, was out front of the shop with another bike and was right in front of the large window. While dealing with a customer somebody snuck up and took the bike and nobody, even other businesses, saw anything of course. The owner of the bike was selling it because his kid had outgrown it and never much rode it anyway. So now my friend has to pay the guy $1000 out of his pocket for the bike. You know, that sort of crap hurts a small business owner pretty hard, especially during these times. My neighbor is always willing to cut somebody a break when they are tight on funds for a repair job. So it really sucks someone would rip him off like that.
I hope who ever got it breaks a leg riding it in the snow.