Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Guitar Player. pg2

The evening was cool and Jim and his best friend Barry, a year younger than Jim, were setting up a small tent in Jim's back yard. A gas lamp in the yard provided enough light to see by while they set up their camp in the make believe wilderness of mountains far away. Inside the little tent were put their sleeping bags, snacks and some Shasta cola's scarfed from the refrigerator in Barry's garage. They checked their weapons, two BB rifles and a BB pistol, and lay them beside their sleeping bags for protection.
As they waited for the lights to go out in their homes each of them would slink out to make a check then return to the tent for another round of cards or checkers. As the time went by it was noticed that the lights in Jim's house had gone dark. Barry was just on the verge of going to check his house when they both heard a twig pop outside the tent. Both boys froze and strained an ear to listen. Crickets nearby that had been making noise had stopped briefly before beginning their song again intermittently.
Barry turned off his small battery powered lantern and both boys looked at each other afraid to speak. Hopefully what ever had snapped the twig was a possum or some such animal and would be gone in a moment. Jim felt around in the tent for his BB pistol finally finding it near the tent flap as it had been moved around during their several missions in and out of the tent. It was only a .45 looking model spring action BB pistol but it made him feel better with the weight and cold steel of it in his hand.

"What was it?" Barry whispered

"Could have been a raccoon or maybe a possum." Jim whispered back

"I wish we had your dog out here with us."

"Yea, he would have scared off anything that was out there. But my mom wanted him to stay in the house with her."

"Girls are such fraidy cats."

"Can you imagine a girl on a camp out? They would be all scared being in a tent afraid of everything."

"Except for Allison."

"Allison, she is one neat girl. She's the only Tomboy I've ever known and she sure can throw a football."

"And she ain't afraid to get dirty either. Not like all those other girls who freak out about grass stains and mud."

"I think shes pretty but don't you dare tell the guys or I'll clobber you one."

"I won't tell that your sweet on her." Barry said with a laugh. "You like to watch her when she rides her horse, I seen you looking. You want to kiss her don't you?"

"Do not!"

"Yes you do, you want to kiss her." He pursed his lips and making his voice high pitched pretending to be Allison. "Oh kiss me Jimmy, I love you Jimmy."

Jim gave Barry a punch in the arm. "Shut up idiot, I do not. I just like her horse."

With that Barry started laughing so hard at the look on Jim's face and at what he had just said.

"Shut up!" Jim said as he began wrestling with Barry trying to make him stop. The boys exchanged punches to each others arms until Jim was finally able to get Barry in a scissors hold with his legs. He began squeezing hard until Barry could barely breath.

"Okay! Okay!, I give." Barry finally relented.

"You swear?" Jim asked as he gave a hard squeeze which made it tough for Barry to answer.

"Yes." Barry laughed a little and Jim squeezed out the air from Barry's lungs just as he answered cutting his voice short.

"Say it. Say you swear."

"I swear." He chuckled. "I swear."

Just then the tent flap was jerked wide open and both boys were startled half to death as the figure crouched in the darkness before them. Neither of them could utter a word and the time seemed to be forever though it was only a few brief seconds.

"You boys best go to bed now and it's after midnight. You'll wake up the neighborhood."

"Yes, yes sir." Barry replied to his father.

"I mean it now boys. Go to bed!"


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FLHX_Dave said...

Dude! I have lived this. Amazing trip back man. I loved this thing!

You left out the part where one of the boys was talking about how the girl would lay her head on his hairy chest after they boned all night. (Well, when he got older and finally grew hair on his chest that is.)

mwhahahah....Sorry bro...I messed up the story!

Seriously this was just a verification that we are all the same in some ways. Wez' just all people. Great writing.