Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Is It With Some People?
(Warning This is A Big Gripe Post)

What is it with some people always thinking that for some reason I need to explain myself to them? Take the ones always giving me shit for my ponytail lately, even though they know why I've been growing it. You'd think that some of these guys would be grown up at their age but they act like little kids. You know, the old tired out "He must want to be a girl" kinda of cliche crap. I guess they must be queer if they have to make these comments. No matter what the reply is it just eggs them on so I try to ignore their ignorant redneck selves.
Then there are the stupid shit questions of why don't you get a Jap bike cause Harleys always break down. Or Fords suck, well I say I don't care what your driving even if it is a piece of shit. Why did you take that road instead of the other one? Well, because I took this one that's why. Why did you get Jack Daniels, you should have got (insert brand here). Because I didn't want that fucking brand that's why. Get the idea?

If you don't answer the question they just keep on and on and on. Lets not forget people at work who stand around talking about what others are or are not doing. Do they not see that they are doing the same thing? Then there are the ones who think that they can always do everything better than the ones who are doing it. I swear, I've seen elementary kids who act more adult than some of these people. Finally the people who think they have to be all up in your business all the time, some are so up in others business that their noses smell like a turd. Never a good word about anyone and always complaining about crap I don't give a damn hell about.

I do remember one family member talking bad about another who was a farmer. They said that Uncle could have done better for himself rather than being a farmer and heavy equipment operator on the side. They didn't get it. Uncle didn't give a crap about having expensive cars and a huge house in some snobby neighborhood. He wasn't worried about impressing anyone. The one looking down on Uncle had all the so called good stuff but his life was miserable at best. Uncle was always happy with what he had and enjoyed life. He was content to be out in the fields or fishing in the swamp. He'd been in WWII, the depression era and tough times so he knew what was important.

Finally, why do people have to almost die before others will except why a person wants to do something in life? Near death experience and surviving gives a green light to those family members who otherwise want to squash what you want to do with your own life damnit. I get so sick of it I tell you.


KT Did said...

I hear ya Wooley! Some people just don't have a life and I guess are really curious or they can't stand the fact that you have one and they don't. I am tired of it too and I used to be sad for those people... not any more. Just tired of them.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Great rant Wooley! Some folks just can't stand to see others with "less" be happy 'cause it ain't American to not have it all. I'll bet your Uncle knows he does have it ALL, plus some. Common sense is a wonderful thing.

Lady Ridesalot said...

First of all... DON'T CUT OFF YOUR PONYTAIL!!!

Second... tell everyone to mind their own business!

Third... have a great and wonderful day... cause you can!

Word veri was "scress"... is that liked getting screwed while you worry? LOL!

Willy D said...

Yep. Some folks can be pretty darn annoying. When asked why I’m doing something a certain way I usually say: “It’s my soap and my dick. I’ll wash it as fast as I want”. They generally get the hint and shut the hell up.

WooleyBugger said...

KT Did,
I'm like you Kt, just tired of it/them and thought I'd left those types behind in grammer school. At least at work I have a cool bossman so that makes that part easier.

Arizona Harley Dude, yep Uncle was alright though he is gone now. He was a great friend and mentor. Taught me how to fish and shoot and drive trucks, tractors, enjoy the woods and swamp etc. He was a people person (I ain't much of one I recon)plus good with his hands. All my kin folk in Alabama built their own homes and had no mortgage. Uncle did buy one little house though, he got it for six thousand when they were building a new hospital. The house was free and the cost to move it was six thousand.

Lady Ridesalot, Well, the ponytail is for locks of love so I'll have to cut it at some point. I had a great day today.
Word veri "scress" I love your definition...priceless.

Willy D, Dig your come back, made me lmao. I think the certain people are just jealous cause they know I'm prettier then they are.

Dan said...

Im with you Woolley, tired of people expecting me to adhere to there expectations. Im happy with me just as I am. They used to look at me funny because of the tatoos and earing. Now all the police have them too. Not to mention there own three patch motorcycle gang. (wonder who's watching them from a big black suburban :) I eat too much, ride too fast, drink too much, I'm really fond of good looking women, and been to sturgis the last 18 years. Sooo Im thinking, if I die tomorrow don't feel bad for me, I also have had a great life and had a lot of fun doing it. Also, I am prettier than you. Ride safe, Ride often. dan