Thursday, February 11, 2010

Purely By Accident, Motorcycle Museum

Okay, I like searching around for Old Ghost towns and abandoned towns and such. Always there has been a fascination of some sort for me of old things from days gone by, buildings, cars, motorcycles, machinery, toys and so forth. Earlier last year I got to looking for places like closed hotels/motels all over as a hoot for a motorcycle resort vacation spot. The thought of a resort, if that is the proper name for it, would be an out of the way place so I've been hitting the net in search of such a place from the east coast to the west coast with points in between. You know, some abandoned place to pick up on the cheap that nobody wants anymore. Actually vacant land was a first thought but then I thought why not some place with a connection to the past. Ahh dreams are sometimes only going to be dreams for me I guess but who knows, perhaps one day I'll stumble upon something or win the lottery though I won't hold my breath. Did find out about this 1800's Tavern in Auraria Georgia, county seat and site of the gold rush in the state before Dahlonega, that a lady and her husband had been keeping going as a store until his death. To me it would be a cool place to make a tavern again down stairs and have rooms upstairs for lodging with some scattered cabins on the property. Money is always an issue for such endeavors these days. If you have read any of my previous posts on the subject you already know the name I have picked out for it.
Nice area but then I wondered about other places like Arizona, Utah, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and well lots of states except Alaska. For a break I wondered about the town that "Fried Green Tomatoes" was filmed in which is another town in my boyhood home state of Georgia. Juliette Georgia is the site of the movie and you can get a meal at the actual "Whistle stop Cafe'" plus there is an old grist mill across the street that was the main place to be employed up until nineteen seventy something or other. I looked around the site and here and there then saw a small add for "Old Mill Motorcycle museum cabins on the Oculmulgee river" to rent on the river there. So I clicked on it to check them out and it's a nice setup but then, then in small print near the top of the cabin site was a link saying to click for home page. Well to my delight after clicking on it I found that the old grist mill has been made in to a motorcycle museum and restoration business. What a gem of a find this place is. Now I'm hoping this spring or summer I can get down there and stay in a cabin, go visit the museum, eat at the Whistle stop and take in the movie magic and other areas about town. A neat vacation package all rolled into one sweet deal. Only thing is, Les White already has the motorcycle cabin thing wrapped up and plans are to add ten more cabins down that way. But what could be more perfect for a nice relaxing combo vacation for someone who loves old stuff? If you stay for a week at the cabins it becomes really affordable and the serene atmosphere I dare say would be priceless. I wonder if Les would offer a discount in cabin rent in return for a day or so of helping erect the other cabins or scrubbing paint graffiti from the walls of the mill.

here is the link if you wish to have a look or


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Looks like a good place to check out. I've bookmarked it and need to see how it fits into my summer plans. Thanks for the link.

Willy D said...

Sounds almost as good as a sleeping bag along side the road. Almost.