Monday, March 08, 2010

Bendix/Zenith Carburetors

Thanks to Willy I have a good break down of my Bendix 16P12 Carburetor. Now I am in search of rebuild parts for it which normal parts rebuild kits can be found, the choke shaft, choke disc and it's components pieces are a little more difficult to find. In my search I came upon the Zenith factory and it is three hours from my home. Perhaps I'll take a ride over that way this spring to ask questions and maybe get a tour around this place that has been in business since around nineteen seventeen or there abouts. Good thing is that there is a distributor for them less than thirty miles from me so I'll be heading there hopefully this week to procure my much needed parts.
I'm also making my own carb spacer to get a few more ponies. Mine is a little different from what you see on the market to aid in fuel flow to each cylinder. Last night I got a little to much in a hurry and when I went to bore my throttle bore hole in the plate and my wedges slipped ever so slightly leaving me with an off center hole. Drat, that was the very last thing I had to do to the prototype for testing and final fitting. Now I have to start all over from scratch. Think I'll bore my throttle bore hole first this time and make a jig to utilise the hole for holding it and keeping it in line for the stud holes. Man it looked perfect except for the off center hole.


Willy D said...

Don’t ya just hate when that happens! Take some pics. I’m always interested in homemade parts.

WooleyBugger said...

Alrighty, I'll have to do that Willy.