Thursday, March 11, 2010

I fixed Razors Edge

I goofed when putting in Razors link and just got around to fixing it and added Dr. Wrench on over there while I was at it. Now I'm tired and need a break after all those key board strokes. So Doc, your now a bonafied Golden Globey boy. Congrats for making the time honored list. I have been meaning to add to the link list of many of you others who have been here and left comments. But I've been lazy. Also notice the hap hazard non alphabetical way I have links listed, it's more fun for you - the reader - to scroll through them and perhaps see one you want to go to. That's how I explain it but in reality again it's just lazy ass me not wanting to go back in and alphabetise it all. But hey! If you make it to the list count yourself a golden globey blog that meets my high expectations of notable reading. But in reality ( this is the bouncing ball spot so say it all together now ) But in reality Wooleys just a lazy ass and hasn't got around to putting them all in yet.
Ahhh, procrastination tis a wonderful thing. I come by it honestly as my Pop is a member and founding original of (P.I.S.S), really, it's a real club of sorts for the old man. What does P.I.S.S stand for you ask; Procrastinators International Secret Society. He says they have decided to order new T-shirts and will discuss it at the next meeting, when the next meeting is they haven't decided yet.


FLHX_Dave said...

It took me awhile to comment on this. I would consider myself the zen master of procrastination...but I'll consider that one tomorrow.

KT Did said...

Wooley, I'll bet you probably could make some money from that T-Shirt... Ha!

Willy D said...

So in that case, I guess it’ll be a while before my prize shows up in the mail ;)

WooleyBugger said...

Zen Master FLHX_Dave good thing tomorrow is always that...tomorrow.

KT Did, hmmm ok I will if I get Pops permission, how many do you want???

Willy D, your prize will be in the mail just as soon as I get to the post box. Now where is the post box? Guess I'll wait till monday now.