Monday, March 15, 2010

New Bendix Carburetor

Hot diggity damn! Sometimes luck does find it's way over to me. This carb rebuild was beginning to be a global search mission for the missing choke parts. Rebuild kits I could find but the choke end of things was proving to be some what tougher. On the way home today I decided to just stop into this little indie H-D shop I know of but had not been in since their move several years back. Last time I was in there was when I was looking for Panhead parts in his old location.
But on the way home today I thought I'd stop in to see what he might be able to help me out with. To my disappointment he was closed even though the sign on the door said "Open", I tried the door but yep it was locked up tight. So returning to my truck and just about to pull out to leave this little SUV pulls up. He rolls down his window and asks in a friendly way if he could help me. I tell him what I was looking for and he says he is closed on Mondays and was only across the road getting some gas as he was on the way to a ball game.

Then he tells me he'll open up so I park and we go in. Inside he pulls out his parts books and finds the rebuild kit but nothing anywhere for the choke parts. We talk things over back and forth then he opens the pages to replacement Bendix Carburetors of which I was hoping to avoid. We find my replacement but I don't have that kind of coin to spend and was hoping to avoid that scenario but finding the choke parts will take going to swap meets and such.

I'm right at the point to say I'll take the standard rebuild kit when he says "Wait a minute. I'll be right back." He disappears around a corner into a small back room. I go around after a couple minutes but he is nowhere in sight. Then he comes out from a little cubbyhole with a box in his hands. "I just remembered that a guy had me order this for him a year ago then decided he didn't want it." he says.
He opens the box and it's a brand new, adjustable main jet, Bendix 16P12 carburetor. Most of them are non adjustable main jet units but this one is the same as the one I have.
"What would you be willing to give for this? Never been on a bike and never had any gas in it. It's brand new."

"Man. I don't know." I reply, " Seen some new ones advertised for $280 or so."

Again to the catalog to see prices. We get to looking and the standard finish Bendix fixed main jet 38mm is $296 and the 38mm standard finish High performance adjustable main jet carb is $320.

"That's nice but I don't have that on me."

"Credit card?"

"Nope. Don't use them." I say.

"Tell you what I'll do, if you want it for say...$250 I'll put it under the counter with your name on it. You come back when you have the money and it's yours."

"Deal. Let me give you a deposit so it won't get away."

"No bother, been here all this time it'll probably still be here."

"I'd feel better about it."

"Let me make out a receipt. What you paid and whats owed."

"I appreciate it."

"It'll be easier to work on and you know it's not worn out."

"Yep. That will save a lot of future headaches."

We walk out the door and before I can get in my truck he's off to the ballgame. Me, I have a big grin on my face and still have Birthday coin left over. I know I'll be back to his shop for other things now.


FLHX_Dave said...

Awesome! Sometimes this is just what the Dr. ordered to keep us from just completely checking out.

Sometimes shit really does work out. Just don't forget this day next time you feel like nothing is working out for you.

What makes this sweeter is it was a chance moment that was meant to be. That's frickin' kick ass. And hell yeah I would support a dude like that.

Willy D said...

Now you’ll have a use for that new fangled custom spacer. You’ll be chasing squirrels on back roads before you know it.

I always support the small shops. Better service, better price. The guy opens just because he sees you standing there, he’d get my Federal Reserve Notes.

WooleyBugger said...

FLHX_Dave and Willy D your both right. This shop does great work and deals fair. Its Three Stooges Cycle Center on hwy87 in Elon NC.
He use to be located years ago just inside town in a little place. My brother from Washington state was visiting in 95 or so and needed something. Got tshirts and we wore them slap out.

"Joker" said...

This sort of kills me. I'm freaking thrilled for you, but it just reminds me of what I lost when the local indie I had wrenching for me closed up. He can still do small stuff for me out of his house, but it was much better when he had the shop. He was the type of guy who'd do stuff for me like your guy did for you. I hate going to the dealer, and refuse to unless it's a dire emergency and I have no other choice. But, hey, I'm glad you found your carb and could lay it away till you have all the dough. Little shops run by decent folks like that are real hard to find.