Sunday, April 18, 2010

Got The Rat Bastard To Start

WEnt back out and adjusted the idel screw, not the idle mixture, but the idle screw. Then hooked it back up to my trucks battery. Kept cranking and turning the idle mixture screw out a little at a time., tried to start so I opened the throttle a little and she fired up. Running rich as all damn hell. Let it warm up and kept turning the mixture srew a little at a time. After some minutes she began to run better but not idle. Finally got it to idle but it's to high, 1200 rpm. Got it to running better but still to damn rich. As I kept trying to get it adjusted it just wasn't having any of it. It was idling fine then just quit. Tried again and she'd firwe off then die quick. But now I also have a starter problem, she just wants to click, click then nothing, click click nothing. So there is something else to fix now.

Guess it's progress but damn it.

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