Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gov. Jan Brewer Of Arizona and New Law

Finally someone is doing something to combat illegal immigration. The Feds have done nothing concrete to stop illegal (key word here is Illegal) immigration and basically have left it to individual states to act. So now that Arizona is doing something the President wants to stop it. The racial profiling chant is the card they always pull in anything to do with illegal immigration. Supporters of illegal immigrants like to say that it is unconstitutional for a law like this to require immigrants carry and have proof they are here legally. The constitution is for legal residents, must I say that again? The constitution is for legal residents of the United States of America.
The status of your residency should be based on where parents of newborn children are legal residents not coming over here illegal to have a child then be able to claim that child is a legal American. If your here from another country where you legally reside, be that which ever it may be, and your child is born here then that child is still not American but, in this case, Mexican. If you are on a ship in the ocean or a plane in the air and your child is born, on the ship or plane, then your status reverts back to the country that you legally reside.

Just because you got pregnant in your own country and then crossed borders illegally to have a child here that child is not an American.

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