Saturday, April 24, 2010

Indoor Motorcycle & Car Show

The Tank Museum, 3401 US Hwy 29B, Danville Va, will be holding it's 7th annual Indoor car and bike show on November 6th from 10 to 5. Set up time is Friday, Nov 5th ~ 5 to 8; show is Saturday, November 6th ~ 8 to 11:30 with judging starting at 12 noon. For vehicle entry it is $15 pre-registration & Friday or $20 the day of the event. Registration is for the driver and one (1) passenger. Additional passengers or under 12 years old $3, all others regular admission price.
Trophies and raffles ~ 3PM, Specialty trophies for Best of Show car; Best of show truck; and best of show motorcycle.

Contact info: or email ~ for more information. Or call ~ 434-836-5323 . Tell them Wooley sent ya, they'll ask "Who?" but tell them anyway.

As for motorcycles entry classes it will be Motorcycle Choppers; Motorcycle Cruiser; Motorcycle Full Dress; Motorcycle Sport Bike; and Motorcycle Vintage.
Deadline for pre-registration Forms is November 1st 2010.

(I have a few registration forms I can send to those sending me an email with the header line (Pre-registration/ Tank Museum Car/Bike Show.)

Spectators Admission; Adults $10 ~ under 12 & over 60 $9.50. This admission is for the car and bike show and includes admission to the Tank Museum itself.

This place is truly awe inspiring and full of militaria history for anyone of all ages. Trust me on this, when you get there plan on staying the whole day because there is just so much to see and learn and enjoy. All day isn't anywhere enough to absorb all of it. Each time my son and I go we see something new we missed and always something added. Today we watched a tank live in action, firing demonstrations of mortar rounds; Flame thrower; Grease gun: Thompson machine guns and others.
Also on hand for this annual event this weekend they had Uniformed veterans from the Korean conflict; Vietnam; WWII etc at different stations throughout who were there and operated many of the types of war machines in the museum. We had an interesting conversation with a Vietnam Tanker, a Korean war veteran and a Calvary veteran from Vietnam. Many others were there but we couldn't get to all of them. We were able to thank them each for their service and shake their hands. These veterans had many great stories and fantastic information and history. Even the Re-en actors wearing the German Uniforms and sitting at German displays were knowledgeable of the weaponry of that side of WWII. Actually these guys were very convincing that they put off the aura of Germany's soldiers. I tell you the truth, one in particular to see walking around in his uniform was a bit unsettling and I had to tell myself he is only a re-en actor playing a part. But these men, just by being there in the Uniforms sent a chill that made you know what that uniform stood for and actually the fear it instilled in many a soldier.

As always, a very well done show. Can't wait until next years Tank Museum Military Extravaganza. Something and some place every history student should see and experience.

Watch a short clip of the same type Tank Show at the museum above.

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