Wednesday, April 07, 2010

So You Want To Pay Your Taxes

Funny thing, the Government, as they want you to pay your taxes and on time by April Fifteenth. I pay tax every time I turn around. Vehicle tax, property tax, food tax, gas tax, pay stub taxes, utility taxes, city taxes, county taxes bla bla bla. So whose working for whom here?
So I have to wonder why the Government took it among themselves to decide not to mail out, or make available through the post office or library, those tax booklets and forms we all use to get in the mail each year. Their belief is that every single citizen has a computer or will have a tax preparer do it.

The post office no longer has stamp machines so you can't even go in and buy a lowly stamp anymore. Oh! They have a machine in the corner now that takes credit cards or debit cards to get a stamp. So what if a huge number of citizens don't have credit or debit cards? And besides, by having these machines in place to purchase postage you are paying more. What does your debit card charge for transactions not through the banks branch? What are those credit card transaction fees? So who wants to stand in line - if you take time off of work - to mail out a bunch of cards or letters that you could have done from the comfort of your own home and let the letter carrier pick them up? That is what they get payed for right.

So back to the tax booklets, to me that is like having to push 3 for English or 4 for Spanish. It's America dang it and I pay my representatives and I should not have to press 3 to get a stupid tax booklet. I should NOT have to pay through the nose to a tax preparer or to buy a tax preparation program when I have already payed for my dalled gone tax booklet and forms and I expect them to be mailed to me as before. Why should I have to go online and pay a fee to file my return?
So because our Government in all it's wisdom has elected not to send us these forms and booklets and made it hard to get any I now DO have to pay more of my hard earned money just to file. Not to forget that little mandated Federal tax adjustment they did to all of us last year that reduced what you payed in all year only to now see you have to pay in and at 9% interest if it has to be done in instalments.

All I'm asking for is that the Government beginning next fiscal year mail out the forms and booklets as before plus put stamp machines back in the post offices. Quit all the side stepping and buck passing and simplify the tax codes. I mean we need the Fairtax solution passed. If the IRS commissioner Doug Shulman can't even explain the tax codes and has to have them done by an accountant how the heck are we little back bone of America honest hard working people supposed to figure it out? Is it to much to ask from your employers Uncle Sam? A little simplification and tax booklets and forms so WE can pay those taxes. I don't mind paying my FAIR share but damn it Uncle Sam, meet us half way at least.

What are we? Just a bunch of utility trailers left in the cold, dark and damp of the yard until something is needed of us?


"Joker" said...

Sorry Wooley but the Government doesn't give a rat's ass about you or I. They are bankrupt, which means take more from the people and provide less. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme on a level that makes what Bernie Madoff did look like he stole 5 bucks from somebody for coffee.

They realized that so many people are using e-file now that it's no longer cost-effective to mass mail those booklets. I hate to say this, but I must admit that does make sense. If 10 million people are e-filing, and 50,000 are still sending in paper forms, stands to reason they ain't going to mail out over 10 million booklets that will mostly end up in folk's recycle bins.

I do wonder though if you can still request the booklet by calling the IRS? Have you tried that? It may actually be possible to get them mailed to you free of charge if you call and ask, even if you have to suffer through pressing 1 for English. (When I take over, that will be one of the first things I do away with by the way).

You may think it will do no good, but you should send a letter to the Postmaster General about the stamp machines. You should also send a version of this post to our beloved President Obama, as well as your Senators and Representatives. I know it may not do any good, but if everyone who has a problem with the Gov't doesn't bother letting them know about it, you can't ever expect them to change things.

Let them hear what you let us hear. It's your right as an American, and you should take advantage of it. Hopefully, you'll be able to get you some stamps to send the letters!!

The Weight Loss Warrior said...

I am with Joker on this one. Great post and certainly a sentiment felt by millions! I feel it is time for more of us to make waves without fear of upsetting someone or causing a scene...I say cause a scene dammit! to file the taxes. lol.

Willy D said...

I f’ing hate taxes! When ‘I’ take over, everything will be paid in bullets, gold and silver.

WooleyBugger said...

Joker, as luck would have it a friend helped me out with turbo tax. Also , the IRS has free filing on their site for those who make less than $54000 but I hear this is the last year for that as well.
Social security, yep I've thought about that. And I've thought about the Lottery to that is really a numbers racket but outlawed so States could rename it and reap the rewards. Funny, all that money and we have schools in disrepair and teacher layoffs because of money issues. Where and whois getting that money? And on top of that we had a corrupt governor here for years and money just disappeard, Poof, and nobody ever found where it went under his rein.

Hmmm, a letter made from my post.
Been a long time since I've done anything Government wise. Not since helping get passed Senator Tony Rand to get HB-965 (right-of-way Bill)passed here in NC. Good thing he is retiring. Now to find a stamp.

The weight loss warrior,
Glad you stopped in. I can help cause political waves. Really I can and have.

Willy D,
When I get elected I'll make all senators and congressmen adhere to a salary only pay scale that has to be voted on by the people every four years and no more than ten years in any one office. They do a crappie job, no increase across the board. No ore of this voting late behind closed doors on giving themselves pay raises. If they expect to lead then it should be by example such as sticking by their own budgets like the masses have to learn to do. Then we'll get the ball rolling on the Fairtax bill and push it through if we have to stomp on everybody who opposes.

FLHX_Dave said...

I'm waiting for them to come and get me. Last tax return under occupation I put in "biker" just to be an ass. No shit...I owe a couple of grand. I did one job on the side and, being a pretty honest man, I reported it. Then I find out that I get automatically hit with a $2000 deal just for being "self employed" because all those other f'ers out there are dishonest so, naturally I am dishonest also by default...thanks alot you fuckers.

So I paid the legit taxes I owed but refused to pay the 2 grand. It's been a few years and no one has garnished my wages or sent me a letter threatening to take me to court. I have pretty much nothing that they can take...for a reason I might add. (I have realized that people leave you the hell alone when you own nothing. Also why when I pay off my bike I will probably trade it in for another just so I don't own it outright...that way no one can take it away.)

I know I need to pay taxes for all the great shit we enjoy...there is no problem there at all. I do it happily but you know what...they just keep taking and taking, here and there and it just sucks ass.

Then you wonder why everyone is so "me" almost have to be because unless you are a vocal dick and selfish as all hell, well, they will take it all from you and expect you to take it up the ass and say, "Thanks man! See you next year for another reaming."

I hear yah!

FLHX_Dave said...

Oh yeah...when I went to pay at the IRS office last year I took cash....guess what? They won't take U.S. currency as payment. (cash) That just frickin' blew my mind. Goes to show you how worthless the dollar really is!

that really chapped my hide