Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer Job For My Son

The economy is bad yes but how does a kid find a job these days? My son has been to many places only to hear they only take applications on line now. Grocery stores, electronic stores, Drugstores, Fast food places, the list goes on. What in the hell is wrong with our country today? With all this thieving of information and the only way to apply for a job is to put all your identity theft able information out there to who knows who. Where does the application go to, mostly outsourced private companies and who has access to your private information? You know, I heard it somewhere sometime that your social security number was NOT to be put on or asked for on an application until you had a bonafied offer for the job. But if he leaves it off he is told the application is incomplete and will not be accepted. It's getting so a person can't even get an interview much less a job anymore.

I for one am very concerned about his information going out there to some place even if it says it is safe. Yea, just like all those bank records and veterans records stolen from an employees laptop left in a car or home and stolen. I bet those were setup deals for cash. I mean, why would one person have all that info stored on their laptop unless they were doing something illicit with it.

As you guess from previous posts I am no fan of the computer records keeping and bill paying/banking and internal revenue dealings on line. None of this information is safe or secure. Something else, what ever happened to one on one interviews? Its all done with on line software now and just cause someone looks good on paper their actual face to face might reveal something more realistic for or against.
And job fairs! What a crock and farce those are. Two hundred people trying for three jobs. Been there done that. And temp to permanent is a crappie deal as well. They work you're tail off and you get a paycheck for awhile but no benefits at all. And then one day they just decide your not needed anymore. But to get hired you have to keep working long term for a chance at "widget and things company llc" only to be tested to move up then tested again and again putting you through the ringer stringing you along with that carrot dangling. And these tests are spur of the moment for things you have no iota about which are designed to keep the poor people down. (sorry, my rant sorta swerved off a tad)

So back to my son, how in the hell does he get a job? This world has gone crazy and is being dumbafied to hell with garbage like this.


Willy D said...

I’ve only had 4 jobs and never filled out an app. Always hired on the spot. I still believe in face to face when I hire somebody.

Got any equipment dealers or rental yards around? Walk in and see if they need anyone to clean up and do the grunt work. See if farmer Joe needs help digging out stumps. There’s a bunch of manual labor jobs that people overlook. Gets your foot in the door.

mq01 said...

hmmm. im troubled by this wooley. you're right. app's are all generally required online now. and app's are rejected if not complete (such as with SS#). yet its not secure to make personal info available in this manner, which opens people up to id fraud. now, there are federal HR laws and the companies that take this personal info are required to protect it, but good luck proving if any wrongdoing.

willyd is right, but i have a friend in this boat currently and is having one hell of a time finding work. :(

Lady Ridesalot said...

The problem I hear from my nieces and nephews in the same boat is... "the old people are taking our jobs."

Now that's their version, but the point is, so many out of work folks with families have resorted to taking the jobs our youth used to have no problem getting.

Willy has some good ideas. Just encourage your son not to give up and good luck.

WooleyBugger said...

Willy, it is sad though how times have changed. My first real job in High school was at the hospital. I was walking home from school and needed a job. I'd tried the fast food deal for a couple months and a Hotel kitchen for one day. At the hospital I walked in the front door to ask about a job. Long story short, I was hired short term because as luck had it they were just about to put an ad out for a window washer. But after the weeks of doing all the windows with a couple of others they offered me a job. I had a lot of fun working there in different areas. So you make a good point.

that is the sort of thing I'm worried about. Hope your friend finds something soon.

Lady, this is true to some extent. But many kids want to begin at the top and when they can't find a cush job they quit looking. They don't want to have dirty hands. My Grandmother tried to get kids to mow her lawn on Shades Mountain Ala. She finaly offered one kid $100 dollars and he still wouldn't do it. She was even supplying the mower, gas and lunch. I was floored when she told me.

My son has done plenty of volunteer work and their eager to have him do that but when it comes to finding a paying gig. ARRggg. But thanks and Ithink I'll take him to a couple of mower shops and the one local hardware store still in operation.