Wednesday, May 05, 2010

1974 Nova For My Son

Yes, yes. We have been looking for something for him to drive. He wanted an 1992 Ford Ranger like the one I had not long ago, then his eyes began looking at those Ne Mustangs, BMW, Honda and even Porsche vehicles. We had other ideas for him though. A couple of cars just didn't pan out because of the engine we knew was a turd from the factory. Kept looking and looking and somehow just kept gravitating back to old Novas, Pickups and cool old iron. Luckily my son has become friends this year in school with others who like the older iron and can't stand the carbon copy cardboard cutout cars these days; Except for the new Mustang, Camaro and Dodge lineup retro style cars.

Well by accident he found a 1974 Nova for sale. It's laughable because it really is a one owner car that was driven by a little old lady. Only she wasn't old when she bought it brand new and paid cash for it. The green title was still in the original envelope unopened, ain't that a hoot.
The car does need some work but runs good for 124000 miles which is thirty five hundred or so miles a year. He (My son) bought the car for slightly under what it sold for new 36 years ago. I have been waiting, dreaming, for this day that he and I could fix up an old car like this for him.

Funny, the lady was excited because now she could go buy that new couch and chair she'd been wanting. The dollars in 1974 would buy you a brand new car, now that same amount is good for a new couch and chair.


FLHX_Dave said...

Awesome! One of the great moments I can remember with my dad was working on a 67 Alpine Sunbeam and a Datsun 510 together.

This is one of the great rewards that life has for a man who has a son. Thanks for sharing. Suddenly a stream of memories with my father have come to the front of my thought. Thanks again'

WooleyBugger said...


Oh my son and I are going to have a good time. I'd like to put a BB in it but his mother won't hear of that. Maybe I'll sneak it in and tell her it's a 350 that just sounds good.

Alpine Sunbeam, did you pretend you were Maxwell Smart? We had one of those cool cars in autobody school brought in for restoration. It was in two pieces...literally.

Missed most of that with my Pop, he was working all the time by then, but he did give advice on things. He'd come home and see me working on my car and point out something. I could see he wished to help but with seven kids to feed he was pretty pooped when he got home. He and I didn't get along to well then but cars would put us both on a sort of truce you might say. When I was smaller though I'd watch him work on cars and stuff and he was good.
Ever heard of a Cord Automobile? Pop had a 1937 Phaeton convertible one. Came from factory with a lycoming 812 engine and front wheel drive.

Willy D said...

The cars of your youth. “Dad” was to busy boozing and babe’in. So I taught myself. And I went through a lot of cars. I’m proud to say that I destroyed every darn one of them and enjoyed every minute of it. Their second life as a beer can served a useful purpose. But I remember the cars. 63’ Rambler Classic. 68’ Fiat 850 Spider, rear engine. 66’ Mustang rag-top. 63’ Ford Econoline P/U. 68’ Ford ½ ton van. 69’ 240-Z. 73’ Corolla. 71’ Duster. Plus a few more I can’t remember. And my favorite hy-way car; a 71’ Delta 88 Two-Door Coupe with a big block Rocket-350. All those car were destroyed in about a 7-year period. But I had fun!

I hope you and your boy have a great time hopping that Nova up a little. They were a perfect platform to start with. Think I’m going to look for another project bike.

Oh yea, the 66’ F-100 ‘Twin I Beam’. 71’ C-20. Last time I saw that piece-o-crap; it was in a swamp in Louisiana.