Monday, May 10, 2010

Mileage Tax

Yep, North Carolina wants to tax you on how many miles you drive each year, some areas more, some areas less and different amounts for when you drive. Later they want to put a gps tracking device on every vehicle to track your every move in your car where ever you go. So even if you were driving out of state, with this device, you will be charged for miles you incurred in another state. Just think, if the other states that do this have a way to track your vehicle then you will have to pay them as well so the cost's could quickly rise. They want .0025 cents a mile, which sounds like a little but it adds up quick; Especially for someone like myself who drives, just for work, close to 19000 miles a year. This comes to an extra added expense of $46.80 a year which does not include any of the other miles I put on nore my wife's driving her car. There has also been talk of raising the gas tax .10 cents more per gallon to our already 48.6 cents per gallon. This would put us closer to California's highest rate of all at 63.9 cents per gallon.

I already pay road use tax when I pay my tags each year and when I buy fuel. At some point somewhere I mentioned that one reason gas prices go up is because fuel efficiency goes up which leads to less gas being sold, so state revenues go down as mileage per gallon goes up. Fewer gallons sold means less money, so to make up for it gas prices go up. But that still isn't enough so they want to add mileage tax and also talk about more toll roads. Ahhh, see. They can't ever budget their own money so they want more of ours to fix and maintain roads and bridges we have already paid them for. But they mis-used the funds and want us to all make up the short fall again. Don't you wish YOU could do that? Make your employer pay you more money even though you were paid for that days work and blew it, but because you can't handle your own funds you demand them to pay you again for what you already got paid for.

Remember those gps tracking devices mentioned earlier? Guess what, most new cars already have on star capabilities so they're already gearing up for it, Tracking your every move in your car. On foot they can already track you by your cell phone. Some people will argue "Why worry if your not doing anything wrong?" Okay, so you like someone watching your every move, who you talk to, where you drive to, where you shop, what you say on the cell phone, who you've visited, what type of toilet paper you use, what radio stations you listen to, what television channels and shows you watch, where you go on your computer is already tracked, must I go on?
Our freedom and privacy is being chipped away at gradually everyday. A little piece here and a little piece there so you don't even notice it.

Scared yet? You should be.

I'm off my soap box. I want to see your replies now.


Willy D said...

This ain’t new. I’ve heard about this for a few years. I think the have ‘pilot’ programs in effect someplace.

Conserve fuel, less tax paid.
Conserve water, les tax paid.
Conserve power, less tax paid.
Conserve anything, less tax paid.

The ‘Mans’ going to get his tax money from somewhere. He wants the shirt off your back.

Doug said...

I get a kick out of the "If you're not breaking the law..." people. Same ones that are screaming like hell about Arizona's new immigration law. Hey, hombre, if you're legal, you've got no worries.

As a percentage, not that many cars have OnStar but all cars since about 1995 have an OBD system that is being expanded to include vehicle to vehicle comm with OBD IV.

GPS tracking with downloads to roadside sensors was planned and tested in Germany as far back as '98.

In the next 5 years all new vehicles will have a "black box" EDR for accident reconstruction just as with aircraft.

The govt is coming for your wallet, no doubt about it, but also for control of your vehicle. It's for the good of the collective, comrade.