Friday, May 14, 2010

Check Out These Young Ladies

You have to appreciate the talent these young ladies have. Watch the guitar segments and how
Fiona (I think is her name) No, It's Emily can play all the parts.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Wow! They are VERY good! So young and so talented... makes you wonder just what's in store for them.

FLHX_Dave said...

This just flippin' pisses me off to no ends! I have taken up guitar a few months ago...and this just makes me want to cry.

I'm not sure if the crying is pure joy at seeing someone so young just kick f*ckin ass or because I'm not there yet...and it scares me that I might no ever get fingers are fat and stubby.

Either way these youngster rock! I love it. I'm gonna have to post my progress so far here now.

Thanks for the inspiration. I can do this. After all is said and done I'm not really pissed at all. I guess I'm inspired. I love these twirps!

(I'm still drawing but got distracted. my deepest apologies sir.)

mq01 said...

damn... :) love it

Willy D said...

Most excellent!

WooleyBugger said...

Lady ridesalot,
Aren't they though. I was just blown away honestly. I hope they keep at it, do well, and don't get the big attitude like so many do over here. The ones with the right attitude stick around for decades while those others fade away shortly.


Whatcha learning on? Electric or acoustic? If you wanna learn you need a good quality guitar. I'm no expert but if the frets are rough on the edges, the action is to high or the tuners won't hold the strings in tune for long, playing will be a chore. Tuners (I like Grovers) can be replaced easy enough, frets can be filed by a professional but sometimes the action is a hard fix like a warped neck or warped body heel where neck attaches and it should have a truss rod (electric guitar)to help correct this. And never leave a guitar just leaning up against a wall when not in use.
Hmmm, I already gave you an inspiration video just for you.

mq01 and Willy D, I couldn't agree more.