Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm A Bonafide Ass about Borrowing Tools

When I wrote for GC and other times since, women, mostly, wonder why we men are so possessive of our tools. No Dave, not those tools.
Here it is, lets say you want to cook something up for dinner but you just remembered that the special crock pot you bought for just such a dinner is not in the kitchen. Oh, that's right. You let someone borrow it at Christmas because they were having a lot of party guest and needed to borrow it. Oh, they said they would bring it back the next day but still, it hasn't come back. So you need it back so you call this person. They're not sure where it is now and are to busy to look until the weekend. But you know that weekend will never come don't you?

I hate letting anyone borrow my tools or equipment because I know the outcome every single time. They promise to bring it back but don't. When you ask about it it's either; "I'll have to look for it", or "It's at my house so come pick it up if you need it", or the one that really truly pisses me off the worst is;

Them, "Why? Do you need it right now?"

Me, "No, I want to put it back in my shop."

Them, "Then why do you want me to stop watching my ballgame to bring it over if you don't need it?"

Me, "Because I want (MY) tools in (MY) shop where (I) can get my hands on them when (I) need them!"

Them, "Your such an asshole."

Me, "NO! Your an asshole because the only time you want to be friends is when I have something you need. After that I'm just a joke and fricken pile of dog shit to you. So bring back my damn tool, don't ask to borrow anything again and something else...kiss my ass!"

I've told this family member before not to ask to borrow anything of mine because they either break it, lose it, let someone else borrow it or tell me I can come pick it up because they are to sorry to get off their butt and bring it back as promised, so, they ask someone else in my house when I am not at home. That is utter disrespect and it chaps my ever living hide.


FLHX_Dave said...

Mwahahahahahah! You made one mistake in this whole exhange. When you were asked if you needed it right now you should have said...yes, lol.

Yup, this really pisses me off also. This is a real problem sir! The way I look at this is simple...and it works for me. I won't lend money or anything else to someone if I can't afford to lose it. It makes it easy to say no. What you are saying here is the unfortunate plight of a man who actually cares about helping others. He is gonna' get screwed most of the time. However, after it's all said and done you can look at yourself and say "I'm a better man for this."

"No" is still in the dictionary for some of us. I don't have time for anyone who uses me as a smashrag any longer. If you wipe yourself up with me and toss me into the hamper, it's only going because I allowed you to do it. (That is the real answer.)

You know what is worse than this though? I have borrowed stuff and when I try to return it they tell me they don't need it right now. Then when I insist on taking back they tell me they are busy. The final straw is when I show up with it and they won't answer the door!

I'm never gonna' borrow my friends wife again!!!

boomer64 said...

My goodness, and here I thought I was the ONLY one. I take this philosophy on "loaning" stuff: touching my bike is a lot like touching my wife, you can do it, but you may not live long enough to see the next sunrise! Im that way about my tools, about my trucks, my bike, my wife, even my groceries! Now - if a fellow brother of the handlebars is broke down on the side of the road, I'll give him the shirt off my back to get him going again.

I lent out money once to my wife's brother one time. To the tune of $1600, and I never ever saw one dime of that come back in return. Now he was a nice guy, he took care of his mother after dad passed on. Looked after the family worked hard and all, but when itcame to money - all bets were off. I was a stupid SOB for even thinking about lending the money so it is partially my fault, but like Dave said, I became a better man for it, and I learned how to use the word NO after that.

Just call me funny that way!

Willy D said...

I hear ya on the tools Bro. I’ve got way to many $’s tied up in my work tools. My general answer is: “Go fuck*in buy your own”.

Wonder if I can stir up some shit? Watch this; Hey Dave, where’s that Gearwrench that belongs in my toolbox?

WooleyBugger said...

You all are killing me. lol

Oh and by the way Dave, do I need to send the gearwrench back to you or Willy?

FLHX_Dave said...

mwahahahahahah!!! I let BigD borrow the gear wrench

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

When Dan and I first met he would never let me borrow his CD's. I never asked to borrow any tools...I'm sure that would have been a no go too! LOL