Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good friends and Freebie Parts

Had dinner at a new friends house last night and got a tour of their vintage log home they made from old tobacco barns. They paid twenty five dollars for two of the barns and the rest farmers gave them for free. Out in his shop looking over his bike he asked what I needed to get mine going. I told him what I needed and then he went and rummaged around and gave me most of what I needed, some of it still in original box's."Take and use what you need and bring me back what ya don't use." he told me.
Before we left I asked him what he wanted for them and he got sorta aggravated at me and said "WHAT did I say? Use what you need and bring back what you don't" with this menacing look on his face. Hell, he even had a almost new rear tire to but it was the wrong size for my bike. I walked outta there with an armload of parts. Thanks man.

Worked on the bike most all day and night, got it together. Went to crank it and the motor cranked pretty as you pleas. Turned on the gas set my choke to half, hit the button and she turned over cranking just fine but no run. I thought perhaps she needed a moment for the bowl to fill up and also I let the starter cool down. Didn't want to burn up the starter by over cranking. But then when I tried to start it again,nothing, Nada, no cranky which began to make me cranky. She's getting juice but the solenoid just doesn't want to do it's thing. I hit the button and the headlights dims and my gen and oil lights dim but the solenoid doesn't clack/clunk at all. My wife asked if I should tear the whole bike apart but I said it's a big job and I might as well do the whole thing then but it would cost plenty to do it. Then she says junk it out you'll get more for it and get something else. I'm about inclined to agree with her.


KT Did said...

So is that what you are doing? Frustrating if you can not ride... but my gut says you will find the problem, unless you are just plain outright tired of dealing with trying to find/fix the problem.
The barn sounds so great. I would love to see pics of it!!
Get ride of this other post...looks like spam. I would hate you to lose your blog like I did!

WooleyBugger said...

Well Hello KT,
It's very frustrating indeedy. Our new friends said to bring it by his shop when he is off and we'll get that sucker going again. He's tired of riding by himself and is pushing and pulling for me. Wiring is my weakest part of mechanics. Simple wiring I can deal with but this one has me at wits end. I just hope like mad that I don't have to take that dang solenoid off again. It's not hard to do but is time consuming as lots of other things have to come off just to get at it.
The Barn home is nice and most of the timbers are close to 150 years old. It's large and what they have in it moneywise ($25000) is not that much but it's worth way more. A friend of my brothers did the same thing in Virginia.

That spammer keeps doing that and I just keep hitting delete forever.

Willy D said...

I can understand his frustration. People are always trying to compensate me. They don’t get that’s not the reason I help them. Hope you get it running.